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Chimney Services

Proper chimney function is important for your home, it serves as a ventilation system by removing byproduct gasses like carbon dioxide from the air. Your chimney should be inspected at least once a year to ensure the efficiency of your household appliances and prevent chimney fires as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimneys must be free of any blockages and be properly connected to process high temperatures to function safely. We will perform a full chimney inspection to ensure functionality and keep your home safe!

Our expert staff at Service Star Contractor understands the virtues of a great chimney. Over our years of service, we’ve established ourselves as the most reliable chimney-building contractors in New Jersey. Whether you’re building a new chimney or restoring an older chimney, Service Star Contractor is eager to help you create the most beautiful, effective and safe chimney for your home.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Same Day Chimney Repairs

  • Certified Chimney Sweeps

  • Chimney Rebuilds

  • Chimney Repairs

  • Certified Chimney Safety Inspections

  • Chimney Cap replacements & Installations

  • Animal Removal

  • Metal Chimney Installation

  • Fireplace cleaning

  • Fireplace repairs


Need A Repair?

Here's some indicators

  • Missing Chimney Cap

  • Leaking Chimney

  • Odor From Inside Your Chimney

  • Missing, broken, or cracked tiles/ Brick

  • Leaning Chimney

  • Unlined Chimney

  • Structural Damage to Chimney


An inviting fireplace sets the tone for any gathering, as long as the proper safety and maintenance precautions are taken

Our professional chimney sweeps at Service Star Contractor, Inc. have the equipment needed to do the job of cleaning your chimney. We can also identify cracks in the lining that can make it possible for the heat to cause a fire –an inspection is a recommended must before using your fireplace.

Call us for an estimate

A few tidbits of safety:

  1. Do not discard any refuse in the fireplace.

  2. Keep all flammable items away from candles and/or portable heaters.

  3. Dispose of ashes in a safe manner.

  4. Be sure to have working smoke alarms throughout your home

  5. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a must

Enjoy the coziness and warmth of a clean well inspected fireplace- Call us, we are fully insured.


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