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When your house was built, it is more than likely that the hole for the foundation of your home was larger than it needed to be. That extra space was then refilled with the soil that was originally removed. That soil however, then becomes more water absorbent since it is not as dense as it was un-excavated. When it rains, water tends to collect around the area of the foundation and if basement wall cracks form then water will inevitably flow through those cracks and cause erosion. It is extremely important to inquire for waterproofing services if you’ve noticed leaks or moisture in your basement to avoid bigger issues in the future. Our trained technicians at Service Star will deliver professional waterproofing services to ensure the safety of your home! 

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Basement waterproofing

  • Roof waterproofing

  • waterproofing foundation walls

  • Exterior waterproofing

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